About me

My name is Ursula and I am 34 years old, coming from Germany and live on sailboats since three years now.

Well, who am I? That’s tricky question and takes years to answer and I still not sure about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am a gypsy at heart, wanderer, not a morning person, dancer, love my coffee, chocolate addicted, curious about what lays behind the next corner, explorer, liveaboard and so much more. Since I live on a sailboat for so long, I know how to cook on a boat and created another site where you can read my favorite recipes (even though in German): www.rezeptefuerunterwegs.de

Before that I worked in and studied organic agriculture. So, I can say I am farmer. I came to sailing by chance and immediately became addicted. I want to live a life worth living, where I can stand up every morning being glad and thankful for my life. It’s not all sunshine and roses, let me tell you (as I do here ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So far, I’ve visited 23 different countries on 4 different continents. My favorite countries are New Zealand and Portugal. I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.

I’ve visited {23} out of {all} countries. That is 10.60%.

I want to explore our big and beautiful world and see what life has to offer. I want to share everything that happens here with all of you.

sailing life as a woman

Why am I doing this?

That is a good question and not easy to answer. Friends and relatives asked me, why are you doing this and why exactly on a sailboat?

I never have been happy with that life called โ€žnormalโ€œ. Working from 9 to 5, marry, getting children, build a house, plant a tree and die. Seeing my life as if it would lay already behind me, is a nightmare to us. I want to see the world at it is. Away from the normal tourist paths, getting in touch with the locals. A sailboat is for me the best way to do this. The opportunity to explore the world and take home with me at the same time is faszinating. Even though that home shakes and rocks in the waves. Life is a challenge living it like this, a personal, a technical and one for being in a relationship. But I like it that way, because I grow on it.