Menstrual cups – the bloody, funny truth

There are some topics, every woman has to take care about like menstruation or contraception, but rarely anyone talks about it. Therefore I want to talk about the menstruation topic here, but please be aware that it will be the “bloody truth”, so if you may are a little (highly) sensitive you might want to switch to another page or just be prepared. 

If you are already interested how a Menstrual Cup looks like, click here.

Menstrual Cups the bloody truth

I personally never had a problem with my period, when I first got it my mother was about to throw a party, luckily I could convince her to not do so. Only point about the whole thing is PMS, when I turn for three days into a chocolate destroying machine that keeps crying about anything and turning into a furious witch in the next second. Sometimes I just annoy myself.

My father never had problems to stop at the supermarket and buy some “utilities” for me or my mother. First time I used these sanitary pads, which keep reminding you with every movement of your legs that you are bleeding and during the night it just crawls everywhere. I felt like wearing diapers and just felt like everyone must see them trough my pants. That’s why I switched quite early to tampons and never changed since then. I always had some amount spread over the bathroom, my backpack, my purse, my pockets… just to have them when I needed it.

Travelling and having my period?

Then, I decided to go travel. First, I started to carry around hundreds of tampons with me not knowing, if women in other countries may get their period also… 🙂

Okay, while traveling you can usually buy tampons (or sanitary pads) basically everywhere. Really no need to carry a lifetime package with you all the time. But still, you need to carry them around and usually not only one or two, but quite some. You never know. Soon, I realized that Tampons are produced from conventional cotton, what means that the plants get sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides what later still can be found in the product and I really don’t want to put something in my vagina that has been sprayed with pesticides and than have been bleached. So I switched to organic tampons instead, years before we went out living on a boat. We planned to go sailing for years also in some remote places where I red that tampons are a big trading point between women in poorer counties. You come and give tampons (gone in a second) and you’ll receive local food and veggies. I could not and I didn’t want to store tampons for years and I just hadn’t the space on the boat for this. On the other hand, what about the garbage? Every month I would produce at least a little bloody bag full of garbage, that first we would have the need to get rid of and then the country or the little island we would be had to get rid of it. I know, that most inhabitants just throw it into the ocean. No, I really don’t want to disturb the sharks and the barnacles with my monthly output. And one day I found it.

Moon Cup, or menstrual cup, lady cup, diva, luna, lunette cup and all I forgot about. It works similar to a tampon, it gets inside and collects all the blood. Made out of medicinal silicon, available in various colors, developed by some awesome British ladies. For more information click here

It is the environmentally friendly equivalent to the tampon. You can use for years what reduces monthly costs quite a bit. Also you reduce the amount of garbage that you produce immensely. Statistically every woman uses 11.000 disposable one way hygiene products that either end up in the ocean or on the dumping ground. Voluntary workers collect every day around 27.900 used tampons or pads at beaches all around the globe. Disgusting, if you ask me.

So, I tried myself

Well, long story short. I was curious and bought one for myself. I have to admit that was a bit skeptical when I unpacked that little thing. It seemed to be something more for hippies and crazy women with long hair and hemp shirts. But now I had it and what can it hurt to try? It takes a bit time to get used to it, I have to admit. First, I sat on the toilet watching Youtube Videos how to use it properly and get it where it supposed to be. Fold it together and get in in there. Sounds not too complicated. But it had to go quite far up to sit comfortable. Now, I don’t want to use nothing else anymore. Talking to some other women and especially sailors, most of them use it also and are super happy. I don’t need to convince anyone to use it, every woman has to find out by herself what suits the best. I encourage every woman to informe and decide for herself.

Now, last but not least, my super personal experiences with the cup:

  • There is a steep learning curve while using the cup, but after finding out what is the best fitting position for you it is very comfy and I don’t feel it anymore. Best advice I can give: stay relaxed. With tampons you may are, because you know what to do since years, but do you remember your first time using a tampon? I was everything but relaxed. So just keep trying
  • Getting it out again the first time was a bit messy for me to be honest, but second time I managed without a drip. It is removable with one hand easily. If you remove it the first time, make sure you’ll have a towel or enough paper around, in case you fuck up
  • It works perfectly with traveling. Also on public toilets, I just carry a little bottle of water around that I use to clean it
  • My period got one day shorter than earlier. If it is due to the cup I really can’t say, but it is a fact and I didn’t change anything else
  • I bought a white cup. After some usages the color changes a tiny bit, what doesn’t disturb me. While cleaning it in boiling water I just add a tablespoon of baking soda and it looks as new. If you go for a colored one there shouldn’t be any problem anyway
  • I need to change the cup less than tampons. Sometimes it is okay for 8 hours
  • I never had any problems with leaking even during the night, but I red of other women who had to get up in the night to clean it
  • My period got less painful (again, I can’t say for sure that it is due to the cup, but I changed nothing else)
  • I am not disgusted by seeing my own blood. To the contrary I like the feeling to be closer to my body and being more in contact with it. It gives me a good idea of how much blood I actually loose every month
  • I paid 35 € for mine, on the opposite I paid around 8 € each month for tampons. Like this it is cheaper to use the cup after 5 month of usage and I can use the cup for years now
  • It doesn’t matter how strong my period is, the cup works reliably and I don’t feel as dried out especially in the days where the period is getting less (do you know the feeling when it comes to the end of your period, when you start trying around with different tampon sizes and you feel like you have a dry cotton ball inside for hours?)

All in all, I can say I am convinced. If you wanna try it have a look here