How to save the environment – what can I do?

What can I do to help saving the environment? Help saving the planet? Having a background in agriculture (you can read more about me here), I already talked so much about this topic, that I would like to share some insights on what we all can do to help saving the beautiful earth we have.

it is worth to save the environment

Even though some politicians may think Climate Change is made up, I am convinced that it is something real and it is happening right now. To see and to witness some changes myself over the small amount of time, that I am here on earth makes me think. There is no reason to leave the future to some politicians who do what they want to do. It is up to us! Really. The most crucial part are our decisions day by day what do we buy? What do we consume? That’s what makes an impact.

Here now some tips what you can do to help the environment

Create less plastic

Means, buy less plastic. Sounds easier than it actually is, as nearly everything gets wrapped up now more and more. Throwing away food is creating a lot of pollution, so think about what you buy. Will you really eat this? It happens to everyone of us that we forget something in the fridge and than need to throw it away. I know and I don’t want you to eat any food that turned bad, but try to make sure you throw away as less as possible, creating less garbage.

Buy organic

Organic agriculture creates 20% less emissions than conventional agriculture, because they use no pesticides or artificial fertilizer. As organic agriculture is all about building up humus in the soil it helps to bind green house gases in the soil. That is active protection of the environment: You can save up to 0,1 tons of CO² emissions. Like this you improve your health and the environment.

Buy local

A rule of thumb is that every kilogramm fruits or veggies that come from overseas is producing 10 kg of CO² emissions. If the food was grown in (heated) greenhouses it produced 10 times more emissions than the same food grown freeland. Therefore it has an big impact when you buy local and seasonal food.

Public transport

Using public transport can save up to 2.5 tons per Person each year on CO² emissions, compared with using a car and driving 10,000 kilometers. Also, busses and trains are much more efficient because they transport so many peolpe at once. Or even better: use the bycicle. If you still like to use the car, as it is just more comfortable soometimes, have a look at Carsharing possibilities in your hometown.

Organic power

If you switch to organic power supply for your house or flat you can actively save the planet by saving up to 0.6 tons emissions (for 4 persons house using an average of 4,500 Kilowatt hours).

Ecological bank account

Where you store your money makes also a big difference. Ecological banks do never invest in wapons, speculations of food or things that are harmful for the environment as maybe some conventional banks do. Ecological banks invest in sustainable energy and organic projects and help to build up a better future. If you’re German, I can recommend GLS Bank.

A more international bank is Triodos.

Eat less meat or no meat

The production of milk and meat has the biggest impact on our planet. Eating less of it helps protecting the climate. Every German causes up to 560 kg CO² emissions every year, vegetarians only half of it and vegans only produce 75 tons every year.

Insulate the house

By using the best insulation for the house, you can save up to 3 tons of CO² and save money by not heating the universe with your little heater.

I know, it takes a bit to change your habits, but it is worth it.




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